Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well it's been forever since I last blogged.  Really, at this point, if that is surprising to you it's your own fault!  :)  I don't blog as often as i'd like, but I pick and choose what I do in the day and most of the time that involves running around, and a lot of playing with my cute boy!  :)  

Braden went to the dentist for his first time on Monday 12/9/13.  I didn't really know what to expect with him so I just tried to not expect anything!  He did AWESOME!  We went to a place called Adventure Dental and I have only good things to say about them!  First of all, the office is adorable.  They have a little room with bean bag chairs and a movie that kind of looks like a house, they have a train up high on a ledge, and it's just all around adorable.  
The lady called his name and he went back and Braden was just perfect as can be.  The lady had him stand on a step stool and had him brush his teeth, and then had him do the pink wash thing, and then she showed him how to brush his teeth.  Braden was so cute the whole time and listened intently (as much as a 2 year old can!) and said ya, and uh-huh at all the right moments.  :)  (OK, I can tell i'm going overboard here.  But I love this little boy!)
 Getting his cape on to get a picture of his teeth.  He wasn't scared at all.  
*Side note:  He is in his jammies with crazy hair.  He normally sleeps until 9:30 every morning and I had to schedule it at 8:30 so I could get to work in time still.  I let him sleep until the last possible second so he wouldn't be grumpy.  It worked like a charm.

 Helping the lady by holding this on his teeth.  

 Laying in the chair.  There was a TV on the ceiling.
  Trying to document.
Well, it turned out he DID have a cavity.  (I was pretty sure he did because he had a little spot on his back molar which is why we went to the dentist in the first place.)  The dentist said he had a really deep groove on that tooth and that he wasn't surprised he had a cavity there.  He said his other teeth look fine so hopefully that will be his first and last cavity.  I seriously brush this kids teeth like crazy and am so weird about him not drinking anything but milk and water for the most part so I was a little disappointed that he had a cavity.  But luckily I thought he had one beforehand so I had plenty of time to get past my thinking i'm a horrible mother phase.  :)
 Wednesday January 12, 2013.  
Coming back to get his cavity filled.  
(Notice the cute house window. The movie room is right there to the left.)
 Braden loved this little snowman.  Such a cheese ball.  
They took him back and got him situated with a movie.  (Headphones for sound, and cool sunglasses to block the overhead light.)
A little laughing gas to make sure it wasn't a traumatic experience.
 Braden did SO good.  He laid there the whole time and didn't seem scared at all.  I am SO glad.  They gave him a balloon animal when we left and he even got to keep his nose thing.  Pretty sure it was a blast for him.  I was so nervous about it but so glad we went to a fantastic dentist office!

That day we met up with Jo Nel and Dallin and went to the Outlets at Traverse Mountain.  I am not big into name brands (bargain shopper) so I didn't buy anything but it was fun (mostly freezing) to walk around.  They had the cutest little Santa set up and the kids could even write a letter to Santa. Braden thought it was the best thing ever and of course told Santa that he wanted a Race Car again.

 Putting the letter into Santa's mailbox.

We are really getting excited for Christmas.  It is so much fun with Braden right now because he is starting to actually understand what is going on a little better.  He is so excited every time he sees Santa, and loves to sing Jingle Bells!  Until next time!...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Braden!

Wow.  It has been a very long time since i've blogged!  
It is absolutely crazy to me, but Braden turned 2 on July 21st!
I can't believe my little boy is growing so big!
Michael was at scout camp the weekend of his birthday so we decided to have his party on July 27th.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a pot/chef theme or an airplane theme because Braden absolutely loves both!  I decided to go with pot/chef.  I have never seen any little kid love pots as much as Braden!  Every morning we take a shower with him (because our basement doesn't have a tub) and he hates getting in there unless he has a pot, with some cereal, and a spatula.  Then he climbs right in and is just fine.  It's basically our morning routine for him to wake up, pick a pot, pick some cereal, and a spatula and go get nae-kid.  He also loves to eat his cereal in the morning in a pot.  He of course has to eat it with a spatula!  :)  And he plays with pots all day long.  Basically, he is obsessed and it just made sense to do a pot party just in case he isn't so obsessed next year!

We did a Sundae bar with some pretty sweet toppings.

 Chalkboard of course!
Everything just came together perfectly for my little dude.  

I had bought these wooden spoons to use as a centerpiece but as I was leaving the dollar store I realized that was kind of stupid since I already have tons of spatulas I could use for free.  I basically thought I would just return them.  Then the night before the party I was inspired (no really) to make this cute little Braden sign out of them.  I couldn't be happier with how perfect it was for the party!
All of the little kids got little aprons and chef hats to wear (except for none of the kids wore their chef hats!)  Awesome.  :)  But, it was the idea that counts right?!
Sugar cookies spelling out two and 2.
Jo Nel and I made the cake.  You can't really tell but the orange part is an apron with a tie in the back.  Of course there were pots on top and spatulas on the side.  

 You can kind of see the apron tie in this pic.  Look at that sweet face!

 He loves to sing Happy Birthday!  And he even knows to wait until you are almost done singing to blow the candles out!  Gosh I love this kid!
 Opening presents!
 Being sweet to his adorable cousin Tate!  (Notice Tate's awesome cape.  He's basically the cutest.)

 I realized Michael is not in like any of these present pictures!  He was setting up an awesome scooter that Braden opened first.

 He was so excited to see all of his presents!
 Doesn't it look like he's reading this card out loud?  LOL.
 All of the little kids got to frost their own cookies.  Braden frosted like 3, and ate 0.  He just wanted to keep frosting them.  
 Towards the end of the party i'm pretty sure he was just putting the frosting bags directly into his mouth!  LOL.  Sugar addict just like his momma!

 Breyelle and her cookie.  She is the only one that wore her chefs hat!  So glad someone liked it!
 The super hero in action!
 Of course Mommy and Dallin got in on that action!

The party turned out to be so much fun!  Good food, good friends, and a cute little birthday boy!  It doesn't get much better than that!  Thanks to everyone that came to help celebrate our sweet boy!  
He was spoiled rotten for sure!
Special thanks to Brittany Austin Griffin for snapping the cute pics!

Here are just a few pics showing Braden and his pots!

 Just a couple things about Braden at age 2:
Braden HATES getting dressed and undressed.  I always have to distract him in some way just to get him dressed!  
He also hates getting his bum changed.  He has since he was born.  Crazy kid.
He is basically an angel child.
He loves to play in the sink, and he loves to play with the soap!
He loves helping me.  Laundry, VACUUMING, cleaning, making dinner and baking, you name it!  If  Michael or I are doing it he wants to do it.
He is a great sleeper.  He loves to snuggle and read a book, or do a puzzle and then we lay him in bed and he will fuss for a minute about how he doesn't wanna go nigh night.  Then he falls right to sleep.
He loves to swing, and can do it all by himself.
He thinks he is 7.
He pretends like he is shy sometimes, but he isn't.
He always says please and thank you!  Such a well mannered little dude.
He is my favorite little dude ever.

Love you Buddy Boy!  Can't wait to spend many more birthdays with my sweet little guy!